The Global Marketing Show

Expanding Your Business Internationally - Show #63

November 24, 2021

In this week's episode we share a recording of a recent webinar "Expanding Your Business Internationally." 

When expanding a company internationally, there are some obvious things that everyone has on their to-do list, such as arranging logistics and hiring new staff. 

Behind these obvious checklist items, there is a long list of smaller tasks that are easily forgotten during internationalization. The implementation of these tasks can make or break the success of an expansion.

Presented by:

IP attorney, David M. Roccio ( who presents the information necessary to make well-informed decisions with respect to protecting your innovations outside your home country and avoiding potential pitfalls of unfamiliar patent laws. -                                            

International expansion expert and previous guest of The Global Marketing Show (show #24), Nina Ann Walters(, highlights some of the small things you can do that will have a big impact on your international success. - 

Our host and translation expert Wendy Pease (, who discusses how to avoid the potential traps of machine translation and optimize international growth through high-quality, culturally adapted content and translations that connect you to your target audience. -

And moderated by Bill Kenney (, Owner of Meet, founder of Soft Land Partners and past Global Marketing Show (show #6) guest. -                            



Soft Land Partners Export Readiness Checklist -


Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers -

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